We invite readers to send an email to the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) requesting information on any matter of concern that you may have as it pertains to applying for a National Identification card (ID), ‘Change of Address/Name, Registration of a Death or on Election Management issues etc.

The EBC will then respond to your question in a Q&A format which will be published every Wednesday in the Trinidad Express. This will enable us to assist citizens as you transact business at our various Registration Area and Sub Registration Area Offices located throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Please send emails to askebc@ebctt.com or for information please visit the Elections and Boundaries Commission’s website at www.ebctt.com.


I am interested in registering a Political Party, what are the requirements?

The Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) does not register political parties, it assigns party symbols.

Election Rule 23(2) of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 2:01 states as follows:

"On the application of any political party desirous of using at an election the same symbol for all its candidates at the election (in these Rules referred to as “the party symbol”), which application shall be made not later than three days after the publication of the election notice for the election, the Commission may assign to such party the party symbol so applied for, and the symbol shall thereupon become the party symbol of the party for the election and all subsequent elections, unless and until, on application made as above, another party symbol is assigned to the political party."

When applying for the use of a symbol, the Political Leader or a Senior Member in the party must submit a signed correspondence (hardcopy) to either the Chairman or Chief Election Officer of the EBC for consideration.

The application must contain:

  • The name of the party and acronym (if any)
  • The name of the symbol
  • A brief description of the symbol
  • A copy (drawing) of the symbol on a separate page
  • Contact information

My identification Card expires in six (months) can I renew it before the expiration date, and can I also visit any one of the Registration Area Offices other than the one which I am currently registered to conduct this transaction?

Identification Card (ID card) can only be renewed from two (2) months before its expiration date. No, the registrant must visit the Registration Area Office in which he/ she lives.

Why can't someone collect my Identification Card on my behalf?

Registration Rule 14(6) of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 2:01 inter alia states:

"A person to whom a completed identification card is being delivered shall read it and sign it in the presence of the registration officer, or any other authorised officer if he is satisfied that the contents are correct".

N.B: Persons who are in possession of a Power of Attorney or Letters of Authorization are prohibited from the collection of the registrant’s identification card.

I am a T&T citizen living overseas for some years and would like to obtain a Trinidad and Tobago Identification Card for me and my two children who are over 15 years of age. What are the requirements for registration?

For registration a person is required to have a T&T Birth Certificate, a valid Passport, and a Marriage Certificate, if applicable. For the children the requirements are, Birth Certificate, Naturalization Certificate/ Passport.

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