Annual List of Electors

It is important to note that the Elections and Boundaries Commission is mandated by law to prepare and publish on the 1st of July every year an ANNUAL LIST OF ELECTORS. Such electors comprise “…all persons qualified to be and duly registered as electors in electoral districts: Parliamentary, Municipal Corporation, and Tobago House of Assembly.”

The ANNUAL LIST OF ELECTORS continues in force until 30th of June of the following year. On the commencement of an electoral registration, the existing Annual List is updated since its previous publication and is now deemed to be the PRELIMINARY LIST. Registrations taking place during an electoral registration may be regarded as specific to the Preliminary List and not to the Annual List. A copy of the PRELIMINARY LIST must be posted at two places in the polling division to which the list relates. The locations where the list is posted are published in at least one daily newspaper, as a public service.

Revised List of Electors

The transactions conducted during an electoral registration in respect of the four categories of individuals referred to in the foregoing are incorporated in the PRELIMINARY LIST. This new amended list is called the REVISED LIST and according to the Election Rules should be prepared sometime before the day fixed for examination of nomination documents, namely the seventh day preceding nomination day itself. [Election Rule 5]: “Before the day fixed for the examination of nomination documents, the Chief Election Officer shall supply every Returning Officer with at least two copies of the revised lists of electors for the polling divisions in his electoral district or, where the lists have not yet been prepared, with at least two copies of the preliminary lists for the polling divisions (sic).”

The REVISED LIST is posted not later than fourteen (14) clear days prior to the date of the elections. This list is posted in the same two places in the polling division where the PRELIMINARY LIST was posted, and a notice to the effect is published in at least one (1) daily newspaper.

Supplemental List of Electors

This is a special list intended to correct errors arising from inadvertent exclusion or inclusion of names from or on the REVISED LIST. The SUPPLEMENTAL LIST is posted alongside the REVISED LIST of Electors and together are used at polling stations for conducting the poll.

All lists are printed according to polling divisions with the names arranged in alphabetical order, according to surnames and copies are made available to Registration Officers and Returning Officers. In addition, the Commission furnishes Registration Officers and Returning Officers with the various lists of electors with the names arranged in alphabetical order according to the registration area and the electoral district for accessing names easily. Copies of the lists published by the Commission are made available to political parties and the general public, on request, at a minimum cost.

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